Poking around the Sims 4 preload package files and found these cuties.

These styled looks are so adorable.  I love how children in TS4 have these great personalities, & even aspirations now!  That is a massive step up from previous games & I’m so excited to play them! <3

For all the black dudes who were slept on back in the day bc folks thought you were too nerdy/ too quiet / too geeky / too lame / too smart -







- it’s comeback season. Shine on em.

And FYI, I’m sure in the corner of the lunch room or something, there was a shy little shorty who would see you and saw the king in you. Even way back then.


I followed her for this post. It spoke to my heart.

god bless this post


i was 2lame man but i hit a come up

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Beautiful cos-playing!

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Otakuthon Coordinate Day 1: 
Outfit Rundown:
Blouse: Secondhand
Skirt: Vintage
Bolero: Secondhand
Shoes: Payless, and Browns.
Accessories: Offbrand & Secondhand.

I really enjoyed this coord. I was actually supposed to wear it at Anime North 2014 but that didn’t happen. ;; v ;; I absolutely adore country lolita and I’d like to do more coords like this in the future. To be honest honest, I didn’t realise how much I was in love with this coord until I saw the pictures. (This is also the first time I’ve successfully done a wash ‘n go on my hair, and I’m real glad it turned out for the con.) 

Thank you Malli for taking photos of my coord, I really appreciate it. 

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