"We were bumped from two planes, and white passengers were put on those planes. We had to stay overnight in one city before we could catch a bus the rest of the trip to Daytona Beach. We came from California — and I knew what discrimination was — but it wasn’t a legislated thing like it was in the South. When I got to Jacksonville, I just walked into the white ladies’ restroom just to recover some of my dignity and my sense of myself because I was horrified by it.” - Rachel Robinson [x]

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Can we talk about this kawaii as fuck collection from Alice and the Pirates?!

Photos by John Leigh

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So I found this

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DC Bombshells Art Prints

Created by Ant Lucia

Available from QMXOnline

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au where none of the scandals between the Two Top happened and instead of Morimusu, Tsuji and Kago return as “guest members” of Morning Musume and do the same antics as Morisanchu in Password is 0.

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